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Expertise, commitment & Initiative

Our Roe Lawyers team pride themselves on putting the same expertise, commitment and energy into all of our cases within our specialisms.  Although General, White Collar and Regulatory law make up the majority of our cases, we also represent witnesses in inquests and public inquiries, such as The Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

As well as representing those requiring a robust defence when allegations are made in both a criminal and regulatory setting, we also act for witnesses and complainants when they need support. This includes assisting them in dealing with the police, from making the complaint through to the court proceedings and similarly with regulatory complaints.

Due to the delicate and sensitive nature of our work, a number of our clients are often vulnerable, with mental health disorders, special educational needs or are neuro-diverse. Our experience and understanding of these conditions, ensures that we are able to best support our clients’ needs and expectations, beyond the legalities of the case.

We also represent a number of children or students who’ve been accused of offences, which have led to referrals to external agencies or to an internal disciplinary investigation at school or university. Sometimes investigations start internally and then are referred to the police or it could be the other way round. With a child or young adult, special care needs to be taken as the consequences of proceedings within an educational setting can be lifechanging.

One of the reasons behind Roe Lawyers’ success, is our teams’ practical attitude and our ability to think outside the box to reach a swift and successful outcome. Regardless of who our client is and what area of law we’re working in, we’re always keen to use our initiative to be innovative in our approach, instead of playing it safe and taking the traditional or expected defence route. Because of this approach, most of our cases get resolved before getting to court.

So, engaging us sooner rather than later gives us greater influence on the result which, of course, is highly beneficial. 

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